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WR Ranch

WR Ranch is owned and run by Bill & Wendy Ricci.  Bill was the president of the GVHS for several years, and they have been in the Gypsy Vanner business for 20+ years.  They have several quality mares, including original imports Jasmine and Esmeralda.  WR Ranch is the breeder of WR Young Latcho Lou, the winningest Gypsy Vanner stallion, and multi-Supreme Champion mares WR Sahara and WR Boos’ Miss Q.  All three are now owned by Shenandoah Gypsy Vanners.  WR Ranch is known for their quality and commitment to the breed.


Pride’s Belle of the Ball

NCG Belle of the Ball, Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

WR’s Historic Horses

Geldings and Colts

WR Pilot’s PJ

WRPilot's PJ, Gypsy Vanner Horse gelding under saddle

WR Jasmine’s Jambo

WR Jasmine's Jambo, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion

WR Pilot’s Wingman

WR Pilot's Wingman sent from Heaven, Gypsy Vanner Horse colt

WR Pilot’s Turbojet

WR Pilot's Turbojet from Ellesmera Rose, Gypsy Vanner Horse colt

Sold Horses

WR Porsche Cayenne

WR Porsche Cayenne, Gypsy Vanner Horse filly

WR Belle’s Blossom

WR Belle's Blossom by Pilot, Gypsy Vanner Horse filly

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