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The Lob Eared Horse

This is the well known Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion, "The Lob".  His name is short for "The lobbed-ear horse".  He got his name as he has one ear that doesn't quite stand upright.  Sometimes mistakenly called the "lobdeer" horse.

Reference stallion in the UK
Date of Birth: mid to late 1970s
Date of passing:
around 2005
Color DNA – negative tobiano

# of foals imported to the US: 4
Sire: H.C.’s White Horse
Dam: The Irish Blagdon Mare
* Indicates DNA confirmed match

Gallery of some of the Lob’s Foals:

imported stallion Bob The Blagdon*
out of The Horse Shoe Mare
pictured in 2003

Bob The Blagdon, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion

imported stallion Comanche*
out of The Banks Mare
pictured in 2007

Comanche, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion

imported stallion Billy Boy aka The Christie Horse*
out of Foundation Stock
pictured as adultBilly Boy aka The Christie Horse, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion

UK Mare Mickey Connors Good Heavy mare
out of Foundation Stock
pictured as adultMickey Connors Good Heavy Mare, Gypsy Vanner Horse in England

UK stallion Fleetwood*
out of Foundation mare
pictured as adultFleetwood, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion in the UK

imported mare Rollin Thunder Moonlit Skye*
out of Fred Walker’s Piebald Wagon Mare
Black & White tobiano


no pic

Foals not pictured (No DNA has been obtained on these horses to our knowledge.  All are or were located in the UK unless otherwise noted):

  • Beverly (out of The Black Mare)
  • Vardo Joe
  • Laddie
  • Flash (out of Flashy)
  • Blossom’s Filly (out of Blossom)
  • Prima
  • Little Lob
  • The Pixie Horse
  • Tom Dooley’s White Horse
  • Red Ned
  • Luke Delaney (out of Daughter of The Wexford Stallion)
  • The Kerry Blagdon Horse
  • Sid’s Brown Mare
  • The Hippy Stallion (our of Connor’s Mare)