Gypsy Gold~en Geldings

Cindy Thompson and Dolly Gypsy Gold~en Geldings brings the Gypsy Vanners'  unique magic and gentle nature to help children. Brought about by Dennis and Cindy Thompson of Gypsy Gold Farm, the original idea was to let geldings go for a reduced price, for those who would use them for a good cause, such as therapeutic riding centers.  

Misto, a Cushti Bok/Dolly 2000 colt, was the first gelding to be involved in this program..  He was sold to Colette Morgan in Minnesota who owns a bookstore.  He is used there to help combat prejudice among inner city kids.


The vision surrounding the Geldings evolved in July of 2002 to a foundation in memory of Cindy Thompson, who tragically passed away while waiting for her favorite mare, Dolly, to have her foal.

This foal was born later the same month, and was a colt, a full brother to Misto.  He was born with a seven on his face, which symbolizes "perfection" or "completion."  This colt, who was named Seven, is to be the first of a whole new kind of Gold~en Gelding.

Seven, the second Golden Gelding, with his dam, Dolly


Dolly & Seven, Gypsy Vanner Hore mare & Golden Gelding foal The new idea that Dennis envisioned in honor of Cindy and her love for children and animals was to donate Geldings instead of selling them.  Individuals, businesses and anyone else can donate to the Gold~en Geldings fund.  When $10,000 is reached, a Gelding will be donated to a therapeutic riding center, or other worthy cause.  

The person or company who makes a donation would be recognized on a special plaque.  Their name or company name would be engraved on this plaque, which would hang at the center where the Gelding is located.


The first event to raise funds for the Gold~en Geldings was held in July of 2002 at Breyerfest in the Kentucky Horse Park.  

For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, contact:

Dennis Thompson
P.O. Box: 771077
Ocala, Florida 34477-1077
Phone: 352.591.2969 Fax: 352.591.0729